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Hype Machine

The Mystery Vehicle at the Heart of Tesla’s New Master Plan

Elon Musk says a new Tesla will rewire the company and help save the world, but he won’t tell investors what it is.

Regulations and Solutions

What Will Ethical Space Exploration Look Like?

Astrophysicist and Off-Earth author Erika Nesvold maps out the questions we need to ask before living on other planets.

As Kenya’s Crops Fail, a Fight Over GMOs Rages

Faced with extreme drought, Kenya’s president approved a controversial new crop for farmers. Then the legal backlash began.

The Mountain Village in the Path of India’s Electric Dreams

The country has discovered enough lithium to electrify every vehicle on its roads, but the massive deposit has tensions running high.

Stop Saving Cute Animals

One million species are at risk of extinction, but a handful of charismatic creatures get all the hype. A new conservation strategy has a different focus.

Oceans and Waterways

The Mining Industry's Next Frontier Is Deep, Deep Under the Sea

Companies are diving to the bottom to scoop up metals essential for our EV-driven future. But how much ocean are we willing to sacrifice?

The Floods, the Farms, and the River That Roared Back

Agriculture beat the Salinas into submission. Now, it has returned with a fury.

Robots Enter the Race to Save Dying Coral Reefs

Biologists are working to quickly grow hardier specimens that can be propagated and transplanted by robotic arms.

A Robot Finds More Trouble Under the Doomsday Glacier

Underneath thousands of feet of Thwaites Glacier’s solid ice, a bot filmed peculiar features, where melting is much faster. It’s an ominous sign for rising sea levels.

Extreme Heat

A Looming El Niño Could Dry the Amazon

When a warm band of water develops in the Pacific, drought grips the rainforest. The Amazon, devastated by deforestation and fires, is especially vulnerable.

The Mesopotamian Marshes Are Disappearing, Again

The World Heritage site in southern Iraq survived Saddam Hussein’s campaign to drain the wetlands. Now they’re drying up, and biodiversity is collapsing.

Americans Are Moving Into Danger Zones

Folks are flocking to areas plagued with wildfires and extreme heat. Climate change will only make things worse.

New Mexico’s Beloved Pinyon Jay Is Losing Its Pine Habitat

A Western landscape’s namesake bird is threatened by climate change, and perhaps by wildfire prevention tactics that thin out the trees they rely on.