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Jonathan Majors Is Enjoying His Villain Era

On the precipice of his biggest year yet—with starring roles in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Creed III—Majors is finally at peace.
Primal Stream

Streaming Is Too Big for Its Own Good

Viewers are overloaded with content. And as Netflix and other major services are now learning, blind excess comes at a cost.

What to Do When Netflix Won’t Let You Share Your Password

Sharing your streaming service is about to get a lot harder, but you’re not out of options.

Cocaine Bear Is a Buzz Kill

The movie seems destined for internet infamy but doesn’t live up to the promise of its viral trailer. 

The 25 Best Amazon Prime Shows Right Now

From The Underground Railroad to Rings of Power, these are our picks for what you should be watching on the streamer.

The 11 Best Amazon Prime Movies Right Now

From Shotgun Wedding to Licorice Pizza, these are the best films available on the streamer.

The Debate on Deepfake Porn Misses the Point

Online discussions tend to focus on the fact that the images aren’t “real,” ignoring the real harms caused.

Final Fantasy XVI Is What Happens When Developers Grow Up 

The latest in the 36-year-old series is far darker than its predecessors. 

I Got a Destiny 2 Rocket Launcher and It’s My Whole Life Now

Bungie sent me a real-life (Nerf) Gjallarhorn. I was not prepared.

Loverwatch Left Me Wishing For a Third First Date

Overwatch 2’s new limited-time dating sim lets you romance Mercy or Genji, but I want so much more.

Six-Word Sci-Fi: Stories Written by You

Here's this month's prompt, how to submit, and an illustrated archive of past favorites.

Keke Palmer Is OK With Being Left Out of the Group Chat

The actor and new parent talks about her TV network, giving Black creators opportunities, and a group text her sisters and friend didn’t add her to.

Sci-Fi Publishers Are Bracing for an AI Battle

Fantasy and sci-fi publication Clarkesworld has been hit with hundreds of submissions from writers using chatbots. Others are prepping for an onslaught.

The ChatGPT Reincarnation of the Marquis de Sade Is Coming

“Loab” was just the beginning. Artificial intelligence will soon dredge up all kinds of secret fascinations and fears. 

We’re All Living Under Gravity’s Rainbow

Looming apocalypse. Paranoid conspiracies. Rocket-obsessed oligarchs. As Thomas Pynchon’s novel turns 50, its world feels unnervingly present.

How Rihanna Pioneered a New Kind of Super Bowl Performance

The singer gave much of her halftime show performance atop seven suspended platforms. It was all in the name of protecting the grass.

Def Jam Just Signed a Bunch of NFT Whales

The famous label’s new deal with a virtual band is being called “metaverse music history in the making”. I have questions.

Raphael Saadiq Found the Perfect Sound for Marvel’s New Show

The legendary R&B musician rooted the music of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur in classic New York—just like the show itself.